A Hindi Poem that is so meditative and so so beautiful

तुमुल कोलाहल कलह में, मैं हृदय की बात रे मन। विकल हो कर नित्य चंचल
खोजती जब नींद के पल
चेतना थक–सी रही तब, मैं मलय की वात रे मन। चिर विषाद विलीन मन की,
इस व्यथा के तिमिर वन की
मैं उषा–सी ज्योति-रेखा, कुसुम विकसित प्रात रे मन। जहाँ मरू–ज्वाला धधकती,
चातकी कन को तरसती,
उन्हीं जीवन घाटियों की, मैं सरस बरसात रे मन। पवन की प्राचीर में रुक,
जला जीवन जी रहा झुक,
इस झुलसते विश्वदिन की, मैं कुसुम ऋतु रात रे मन। चिर निराशा नीरधर से,
प्रतिच्छायित अश्रु सर से,
मधुप मुखर मरंद मुकुलित, मैं सजल जल जात रे मन। ∼ जयशंकर प्रसाद

No Points Sire ... I just want to learn

"Skaters..." Coach called out to the bunch of kids "hands down, bend and jump. 5 Times". One of the hardest of exercises during the skating class.

One can easily see that hardly one or two kids manage it. A couple of them fall down while few just raise their heels.

Coach is thinking and comes up with a wonderful idea - the age old tried tested offering of a bait. "I will give 5 points to all who do it good. Who wants 5 points..raise hands"

Immediately, all hands go up except one. We look on and see ..its Aaryan. We hear him telling the Coach " I don't want points. I am interested in my skating only. How do points matter?"

Coach looks a little amused and asks "You are already skating, isn't it. So why dont you want points as well"

We hear from afar but can make out Aaryan saying "To me, my skating is important. Points are not. You can give points to others who like points more".

"Now thats a unschooled kid talking for s…

Story - when I was born

With sleepy eyes, the young one looks up for some sleep talks.
"Tell me the story of time when I was born"
"Umm....okayy !! So it was a wonderful day..we were excited !!"" I start off spinning a yarn.
"Did you know...I will be born?"
"Umm...No. I thought it would be a girl" Now I am in a teasing mood. "I loved little girls. They are so pretty and play so many games"
"eh, and boys?" he is catching the mood and the game.
"well, boys are also good except that they are too much into fights and poor Dads have to suffer with their punches" I pout.
" you are" and I get a nice punch on my back with a hearty laugh
"and Baba...." the little one is flashing his naughty smile now "listen...if all parents will like to have girls and no boys, then who will those girls marry with?"
I AM SPEECHLESS... and thinking ... whew, really - just 5 years old?

Mommy and little big boy

The little kid is transitioning into a little big one. He is 4-1/2 already (we can't believe it) and has the unbridled energy of a typical someone who has yet not been put into the system - system of being a good boy, system of being a future citizen. He is yet that primitive child who has not yet tasted the modern day systems of schools and has not yet been a part of the long queues....

So here is what happens when dear Mommy and son are out strolling around near the city's one of the favorite grocery stores - Dorabjee. A young salesman is trying to cajole dear Mommy into filling up a form - for the country clubs and all who facilitate travels around the world for their esteemed members. Dear Mommy knows what its like falling into the trap and then keep getting unsolicited calls but being very polite, she is trying her best to say No with a smile. Does that ever work? 
Now here, our young little one of just 4 years chips in and asks "Now, if my mommy does not want to bu…

Amusing things kids say

Cool breeze greets us as we step out of home into our car to go to a kids park nearby with  little Aaryan. At 4 years of age, Aaryan, like any other kid of his age, loves the swings and slides of the park and best of all, loves to gang up with new kids that he gets to meet in the neighborhood parks.
“Dinosaurs,here I come.” Aaryan screams while jumping on his car seat. The energy levels are high and so it happens what always does when you are over-excited. I took a wrong turn and kind of lost my way. Stopping the car at the left of the road, I wave to a person on the cycle and ask for directions. We get the directions in the smarm Marathi accent “सीधे जाओ,फिर लेफ्ट मारो। थोड़ा आगे जाओ,फिर राईट मारो।”
I thank the guy and am about to start the car when someone from behind calls up “Wait, Uncle..सुनोना।” I turn my head a little and find Aaryan waving his hand at the guy calling him over. (What...?) As the person inches near the rear window, surprise.... Aaryan slaps his own left cheek and …

When kids visit your office

-- written by lovely mom
Its a hilarious day since my little son seems ready to accompany me to my office today. I am a little surprised as he would never go anywhere without his baba but then, I reason with myself, an unschooled kid like him can be a little unpredictable, No? :) I can see that my DH is a little nervous himself - perhaps for his little one as he will be away from him for few hours or is it for himself (lol) !!

"Never been to school and Sahib going to office already" jokes Aashish and Aaryan smiles back saying "तुम थोडा  sad हो लेना बाबा. मैं शाम तक ही आऊंगा !"

We have a joyful ride to the office with the little bird chirping sitting besides me. I get a feeling like I shall start feeling lonely in car without him from tomorrow. I am a little apprehensive as he merrily walks down the corridor with me and runs towards my chair as I point out my seat to him. He sits there for sometime, looking out of the window

"I am waiting for baba - तुम काम कर लो म…

बड़ा हुआ तो क्या हुआ

Lovely to see you, little A, playing cricket with your friends. Little hands holding little bats and really swinging them hard enough bubbling with energy, filled with love and enthusiasm for the game. Of course, everyone wants to bat first :) and then there is someone who wants to be the only one as the fielder. Slowly things settle as we help everyone agree to play taking turns... 

Few balls and suddenly, I notice another chaos.  Everyone is yelling "I am big" .."No, I am big" "Wait..I am bigger". Seems like every kid wants to prove himself the biggest and some kids are even trying to stand on toes checking out their height with others while you are on the verge of crying your heart out saying "Main sabse bada hoon". Ahh..., I do realize its all a part of your growing up but really how much I wish you won't cry my little one on these silly dilly talks !! 

Its then when all of a sudden you, little A, seem to remember something and burst out i…